Indirect Cost Returned Report 2011

1. Returned Indirect Report

UPPS 03.04.05 Section 6 states the following requirement relating to the use of Returned Indirect Cost funds:

A written report to the Associate Vice President for Research will be made annually from each unit (PI, chair/director, and dean) that received Recovered Funds. The report will briefly describe how funds were used and how this funding has benefited research at Texas State. Failure to provide required reports may result in non-allocation of future Recovered Funds.

Any questions regarding this report or policy should be directed to the Director of OSP ( or the Assistant Vice President for Research (

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
1. Please enter your name here:
2. I expended some or all of my returned indirect cost funds in the last FY: (if no, please skip question 3 and 4.)
3. Under which of these categories of cost did you expend funds? (Check all that apply)
4. If applicable, please enter a brief description of how the funds were used in support of research.
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