Where do we go from here?

If we learned one thing during this election, it’s that the marijuana reform movement needs to embrace the grassroots, to stop preaching, and to start listening. The top-down strategy of the marijuana reform movement up until now has failed, and must not be repeated.

We want to hear from you. How we did in this election, and where you think the marijuana reform movement should go from here?
1. Email Address
2. Zip code
3. What do you think the next steps should be to end marijuana prohibition?
4. What could have been done better in this election?
5. What could Just Say Now do that you think would be valuable in the next election?
6. How did you feel about Just Say Now’s role in this election?
7. Please rate the following statements about Just Say Now’s campaign activity
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeutralSomewhat AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Made a visible impact in the marijuana debate
Kept me informed about each state’s campaigns
Provided helpful, easy to use organizing tools
Action opportunities were important to marijuana campaigns
Countered media narratives about marijuana
Gave me enough opportunities to get involved
8. Please rate how you feel about the types of marijuana initiatives on which we should focus.
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSomewhat DisagreeNeutralSomewhat AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
ONLY legalization, nothing else
Any kind of legalization
Medical marijuana legalization
Local advisory initiatives
Medical marijuana access
9. What is your personal relationship with marijuana? (Optional and confidential.)
10. I’m involved with these local groups
11. How would you primarily identify yourself?
12. Year of birth
13. Sex
14. Children at home?
15. What can you do to help end marijuana prohibition?
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