RFC Member Survey 2013

Dear RFC Members:
We would like to get your feedback and learn about your RFC needs. Please take just a few minutes to respond to ten questions we have and tell us what you would like for various programs, facilities, and customer services. Thank you for helping us support member needs and plan for the RFC future!
1. RFC Parking Issues - Senior Only 8-10am Parking Mon-Fri., please pick one of the following:
2. RFC Facility Hours - would you use or see benefit from 5am vs 5:30am opening Mon-Fri.?
3. RFC Facility Hours - would you be negatively affected by 8pm vs 9pm closing on Sat & Sun?
4. Would you use or see benefit to having 5-6pm open swim hours in the Rec Pool Monday-Friday in addition to the 3:30-5pm & 6-8pm hours?
5. Do you use the RFC Pools?
YesNoIf no, why?
Recreational Pool
Competition Pool
6. Do you use the Fitness Equipment Room?
YesNoIf no, why?
Aerobic Equipment (i.e. Treadmills...)
Selectorized Weight Machines
Free Weights
Stretching area
Functional training items
7. Currently we offer 'Individual' & 'Family' membership options. Would you use or see benefit to having a 'Couples' option priced between the individual and family rates?
8. Do you participate in 'Group Fitness' classes?
9. Would you use Personal Trainer services if they were conveniently offered?
YesNoIf no, why?
Ono-on-one training sessions
Group training sessions (i.e., Winter/Summer Shape Up)
General consultation
Equipment orientation
10. Demographic Information
Male <25Male 25-60Male 60+ yearsFemale <25Female 25-60Female 60+
Age & Gender
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