Fairtrade Trade Standard Consultation, 2013 - Advanced Section

Public consultation on the Fairtrade Trade Standard


Dear Fairtrade partners,

Fairtrade International is currently reviewing the Fairtrade Trade Standard. The objective of the review is to continuously improve and strengthen the impact of the standard.

We are pleased to share the draft Standard and would like to invite you to participate in this public consultation. Please note that there are two surveys: the Core section survey and the Advanced section survey. These can be accessed through two different links sent to you in the email. You have chosen the link for contributing feedback to the Advanced section survey. If this is correct, please continue by clicking "next" button below.

Please provide your feedback to this survey by October 5, 2013. For further information and to access the full version of the draft Fairtrade Trade Standard please click on this:
Revised Draft Fairtrade Trade Standard

Thank you in advance for your contribution,

Martina Janssen, Project Manager, Fairtrade International
Ruth Fernández Audera, Senior Consultant on Standards, Fairtrade International

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