Basic Computer Skills Self Assessment ABFS7

Delta College Corporate Services

Please complete the following self assessment regarding your basic computer skills and Microsoft Word skills.
1. Please enter your first and last name:
2. Please select the scenario that best describes you:
3. Please answer the following questions:
Have you ever used email?
Do you have an email account?
Do you have a computer at home?
Are you comfortable using the internet?
4. Are you familiar and comfortable with the following:
Using a Mouse
Double click
Right click
Left click
Creating a folder
Saving files
Moving files
Sending & receiving email
Attaching a file to email
Replying to email
Forwarding email
Deleting email
5. Please select your experience level for each of the following skills in Microsoft Word:
1. No experience2. Novice3. Experienced4. Expert
Creating a document
Entering text and displaying nonprinting characters
Saving a document by using the Save command
Saving a document in a new folder
Setting an AutoRecover interval
Renaming a folder
Using word help
Opening a document
Navigating and moving in a document
Using the mouse and the keyboard to select text
Inserting and deleting text
Using the Undo and Redo commands
Cutting, copying, and pasting text
Applying character formatting
Using the Font dialog box
Setting and clearing tab stops
Formatting paragraphs
Adding and editing bulleted and numbered lists
Setting paragraph spacing and indents
Using AutoFormat
Changing page margins and orientation
Adding and deleting page breaks
Checking spelling and grammar
Finding and replacing text
Printing a document
Creating PDF and XPS documents
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