BEST Center 2013 Spring Workshop on Sustainable Facilities Operations - Application

Thank you for your interest in the National Science Foundation - BEST Center Workshop on Sustainable Facilities Operations! In this workshop, you will learn how to start your own program or infuse sustainable operations curriculum into your existing HVAC, environmental controls, or building performance programs. Industry trends show that sustainable facilities technicians and managers are in high demand and an emerging profession in spite of economic uncertainties. These high-wage professionals are also key to energy management and sustainable operations in buildings!

We will cover:
o Industry trends
o Program outcomes
o Recommended course sequences
o Curriculum infusion strategies into existing program sequences
o Lab setups
o Recommendations for industry advisory groups
o Recommendations for recruiting qualified faculty
o And more!

If selected as a participant, you will develop your own work plan during the workshop and commit to begin implementation of the work plan upon return to your college.

Travel stipends will be available.

Please fill out this application only if the workshop is a priority for your program's development. Provide as much thorough info as possible so that we can learn more about your interest in this field.
1. Please provide your contact information:
2. Why are you interested in taking this workshop?
3. What is your current level of experience with sustainable facilities operations?
4. Have you had any training in this area before (degrees, certifications, workshops, seminars)? If so, where, when, and what topic areas were covered?
5. Are you currently teaching courses related to this workshop?
6. Do you currently have a lab setup for teaching sustainable facilities operations?
7. Do you have a primary industry lab sponsor?
8. Are you aware of any needs assessments for sustainable facilities technicians/ managers in your area? Please explain.
9. Are you aware of businesses in your area looking for employees in this field? How do you know this?
10. What companies have you worked for in the past 15 years? What was their primary business focus?
11. With educational resources provided by the BEST Center, how can your institution infuse sustainable facilities operations into your curriculum?
New Courses
Segments within existing courses
Developing a new certificate or degree
12. Do you have authorization to expedite any of the following?
Implement new courses
Purchase equipment
Initiate certificates/degrees/diplomas
13. What other topics do you want to learn about as part of future BEST Center activities?
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