Sigi Career Assessment Survey

Sigi is a web tool offered through the Portfolio Center. We hope it helped you learn more about yourself and your career options- please fill out this brief survey to let us know if it was helpful for you.
1. Why did you decide to use Sigi?
2. What is your major?
3. Let us know how true each of the following statements is to you:
Very TrueTrueNeutralUntrueVery Untrue
Sigi introduced me to a new skill or concept that I plan to use.
Sigi included information and concepts that are relevant to careers I plan to pursue.
Sigi was easy to navigate.
I would recommend Sigi to other students.
4. What would you change about Sigi?
5. Did you have any trouble logging in to Sigi?
6. What new information did you learn about yourself or your career?
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