chipKIT Design Contest FREE Kit Entry Form

**Visit the chipKIT Design Challenge Homepage at:

Thank you for considering participation in the chipKIT Design Challenge. Please take a moment to tell us about yourself and if you plan on submitting an entry to the contest. Your details will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE chipKITā„¢ Starter Pak featuring:
- Digilent Inc.'s chipKIT Uno32
- Digilent Inc.'s chipKIT Basic I/O Shield
- NKC Electronic's Protoshield Kit for chipKIT Uno32



Contact us at
1. Tell us about yourself. This information will not be shared and only used for shipping purposes should your entry be selected.
2. Do you currently use any of the following:
3. Please take a moment to describe your proposed application submission for the contest. We would appreciate descriptions of hardware, software/libraries and the application details.

If you're not sure...that's ok...just write "not sure yet"
4. Will the submission be developed by any of the following (please select all that apply):
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