Vans RV-12 Evaluation

1. If you had the chance to purchase a light sport aircraft which of the following would you choose?
2. What demographic do you consider yourself to be in?
3. Does the price influence your decision when purchasing a light sport aircraft?
4. When buying a light sport aircraft do you look for the "Made in the USA" mark to be on the country of origin label and if so does this influence your buying decision?
5. Do you believe the RV-12 is a suitable option as a trainer for flight schools and flying clubs?
6. If you were to buy a light sport aircraft would you rather purchase an E-LSA or S-LSA version?
7. What are your preferences when buying a light sport aircraft? Please rate them below 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
Size (easy storage)
Design (style)
Baggage capacity
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