Evergreen MPA Website Improvements

1. Are you currently
2. How often do you access the Evergreen MPA website?
3. What do you hope to gain from visiting the Evergreen MPA website?
4. Is it clear from the website that the Evergreen MPA program offers three concentrations of study
5. Does the current Evergreen MPA website have a simple/ easy navigation system
6. Check all that apply for how you use the Evergreen MPA website
7. Are you more likely to conduct business
8. Please rank how, as a communication tool, the website would benefit from the following (with 1 being the most useful and 3 the least)
blog for news or events
linkedin access
9. What would make the Evergreen MPA website more engaging. Check all that apply
10. Please briefly explain what you feel would be included in an ideal website
11. Please rate the current Evergreen MPA Website on the following items (with 4, furthest bubble from the word, being the highest quality and 1, closest bubble to the word, the lowest quality)
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