Undergraduate Student Evaluation

1. Which of the following best describe you?
2. Please choose the responses that most closely reflect your exerience at the Sullivan Center
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I was oriented to the Sullivan Center/program activities
There was help available if I had questions or needed assistance
The Sullivan Center Staff members were professional
This type of Experience is valuable related to my career goals
I would recommend this type of activity to other students.
3. Which clinic setting did you work in?
4. What activities did you participate in while at the clinic?
5. What objectives/reasons did you have for your experience with the Sullivan Center? If you did not meet your objectives please explain which objectives were not met and what we could do to help you meet them.
6. What unique opportunities did you have while working with the Sullivan Center?
7. Please comment below on any ideas you may have for improvement of the Sullivan Center experience for future clinical experiences.
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