2014 New CTE Professionals Workshop Registration

The 2014 New CTE Professionals Workshop is a free professional development opportunity designed specifically for new Career & Technical Education Professionals in their first, second, or third year in the classroom.

The 2014 New CTE Professionals Workshop will be held at the Missoula Holiday Inn Downtown located at 200 South Pattee Street 404 on Wednesday, October 15.

Please complete all questions below and submit. A registration confirmation will be sent via E-mail after your registration has been processed.

Registration Deadline: Monday, October 6.
1. Attendee Information
2. CTE Area of Instruction
3. Years in the Classroom
4. Lunch (no charge for lunch; included as part of the workshop)
5. Special Dietary Restrictions/Allergies
6. Please indicate any special requests/accommodations to make your experience more enjoyable
7. Do you currently advise a Career & Technical Student Organization?
Yes (please indicate CTSO)
No, someone else is the advisor (please indicate CTSO)
No, but I would like to start a chapter (please indicate CTSO)
8. If you do not advise a Career & Technical Student Organization and are not interested in starting a chapter please check the box below.
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