Streamlining a Dual-Sanctioned Meet

Dual-sanctioning Workshop - Leo Letendre

You can contact Leo through the LMSC Development Committee ( for further details or resources he may have mentioned in this workshop. Thank you for completing this survey! - LMSC Development-Education Subcommittee
1. Please check one box for each statement about the workshop content.
Strongly AgreeGenerally AgreeNeutralGenerally DisagreeStrongly Disagree
Workshop was informative
Workshop provided information I had not previously encountered
Workshop will enable me to better perform my LMSC responsibilities
Workshop provided information I can share with other LMSC officers and members
2. Please check one box next to each statement about the workshop presentation.
Strongly AgreeGenerally AgreeNeutralGenerally DisagreeStrongly Disagree
Presenter was knowledgeable about the topic.
Presentation was clear and organized.
Presenter allotted time for all questions.
Presenter answered all questions to my satisfaction.
3. What other information would you have liked to see included in the workshop?
Conversely, what information presented did you find was not necessary or sidetracked the presentation?
4. Did the presenter's materials/visuals (e.g., handouts, PowerPoint slides, etc.) help you to better absorb the workshop content?
5. What could the presenter(s) have done differently, if anything, to conduct a better workshop?
6. Would you recommend this workshop to other LMSC-USMS colleagues?
7. Rate how this workshop would be as a webinar offered to all LMSC volunteers.
Usefulness of information
Success in translating from a face-to-face presentation to a phone/screen-sharing webinar format
Likelihood of other volunteers in your LMSC to attend this as a webinar
8. Overall, how would you rate this workshop?
ExcellentAbove AverageAverageBelow AveragePoor
9. Rank future convention workshop topics for yourself.
(Skip to Question #10 if you have already answered this on a previous LMSC Workshop evaluation.)
Volunteer leadership
Bylaws, Policies and Other governing documents
Social Media
Online LMSC Newsletters
Financial requirements
Sanctioning: front and back end
LMSC support for meets/events
Roundtable opportunities (e.j. "small LMSC" chairs, treasurers, event directors...)
10. General comments about this workshop and/or suggestions for future workshops.
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