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MyParksAndRecreation User Survey (MPR) provides a single, convenient point of access for parks information and recreation options for 10 cities in King County. The responses from this short survey will help us understand your experience with to better serve our customers.

Thank you for participating, we appreciate your time and input.
Please select the option that best describes you:
Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following features of the web site. Select "N/A" if you have not used a specific feature.
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A
Recreation Activity Search
Recreation Activity Registration
Parks Search and Information
Trails Search and Information
Facilities Search and Information
Many city and state agencies provide online transactions. One-stop shopping isn't currently available on the MPR site. In our attempt to make the MPR site more usable, we are interested in your desire to register for multiple recreation offerings at different cities at the same time and pay for it all at once. Please rate each statement with your level of agreement.
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I would make purchases from multiple cities at the same time if this service was available.
I only make purchases for one city and wouldn't use the new service.
I only make purchases for one city, but would be interested in the new service.
I successfully completed transactions at multiple cities at each city's site.
I have attempted to make purchases at multiple cities without success.
We would appreciate details on your ratings above and welcome any additional feedback in the comment section below:
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