The Ultimate Pre-natal Class

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1. How much do you (or did you) worry about these issues while pregnant?
NeverA LittleA Fair BitA lot
Childbirth is going to hurt!
I’ll end up with an un-planned C-section.
Health problems with me
Health problems with baby
Not being prepared emotionally
Getting a good night’s sleep
Coping with morning sickness
Stress/anxiety around childbirth
Stress/anxiety around my health
Stress/anxiety around my baby’s health
Getting everything ready for baby
Not knowing enough about infant care
Having help/resources available
2. After the baby came, how much did these issues concern you ... (or if you are pregnant, you anticipate they will be a concern)..
Not at allA little bitQuite a bitA major concern
Relationship with husband/significant other changing
Body changes/concerns about “baby weight”
Money issues
Post-partum depression
Not having enough support, feeling overwhelmed
Keeping up with other responsibilities (work, family, etc..)
3. What did you wish you had more information/education on before having baby? (check all that apply)
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