Strategic Dimensions of Incubators and Venture Capitalists for Entrepreneur Success

1. Entrepreneur Details
2. What is your initial market potential?
3. How many years of operations do you have?
4. How much investments raised for your organization with incubator support?
Self FundedWith support of familiesParent CompanyIncubator DebtIncubator EquityIncubator Debt+EquityVC DebtVC EquityVC Debt+Equity
0- 10 Lacs INR
10-30 Lacs INR
30-50 Lacs INR
50-70 Lacs INR
70-100 Lacs INR
100-150 Lacs INR
150-200 Lacs INR
200-300 Lacs INR
300-400 Lacs INR
>400 Lacs INR
5. How many presentations you had to make prior to Angel / VC Investments done on you?
6. What is your business model?
7. Has the incubator helped you in getting business?
8. Has any VC invested in your venture prior to joining the incubator?
9. Rank the Incubator process/service dimensions needed for entrepreneur venture success
Least ImportantImportantVery ImportantCriticalDont Know
Idea Management
Knowledge Management
Research Management
Entrepreneur Management
Contract Management
Delivery Management
Support Management
Social Responsibility Management
Scope Management
Finance Management
Project Management
Integration Management
Operations Management
HR Management
Security Management
Process Management
Innovation Management
Compliance Management
Technology Transfer Management
Risk Management
Governance Management
Capacity Management
Infrastructure Management
Mergers and Acquisition Management
Marketing Management
Performance Management
Partnership Management
IPO Management
10. What exit route you will prefer?
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