FA14 Pre-New Student Orientation

1. Help Us Learn More About You

Help us improve New Student Orientation by sharing what you know, and what you want to know, about CCA! Students who complete both the pre and post surveys will receive a prize AND be automatically enrolled in a grand prize drawing!
1. Please enter your contact information.
2. Please select your incoming status.
3. Your age:
4. Please rate the following activities and workshops you would like to attend throughout the academic year.
Not InterestedInterested
Leadership Development (e.g. conflict management, public speaking workshops, etc.)
Professional (e.g. career focused workshops)
Recreational (e.g. sports, workouts, etc)
Service (e.g. volunteer opportunities)
Student Government (e.g. planning campus activities, sitting on college committees, etc.)
Wellness (e.g. healthy eating habits, positive relationships workshops, etc.)
5. Please pick your top 3 ways you prefer to learn about campus news and activities.
6. What aspirations or goals do you hope to accomplish your first year here at CCA? Your comments will be emailed to you in the spring semester.
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