Rhythm and Ribs Festival Feedback!

1. Was the Festival better than what you expected, worse than what you expected, or about what you expected?
2. If you traveled to attend Rhythm & Ribs 2012, how many nights did you stay in St Augustine ?
3. How many times (including this year) have you attended the Rhythm & Ribs Festival ?
4. What was THE most important factor that made you decide to attend Rhythm & Ribs in 2012 ?
5. Do you plan to attend Rhythm & Ribs in 2013 ?
6. For NEXT YEAR'S Festival, please RANK the factors that would make you decide to attend Rhythm & Ribs in 2013.
MOST Important.Very Important.Somewhat Important.Least Important.Would not influence my decision to attend.
Time of year when the festival is held.
Music headliner.
Other music acts.
Good Vendors.
7. What days did you attend Rhythm & Ribs in 2012 ?
8. What would make you decide to spend more time at the Festival in 2013 ?
9. At the Festival, how aware were you of the Mission of the Rotary Club, and what the Festival proceeds benefit ?
10. What would you most like to see improved for the Festival in 2013 ?
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