Lean Startup Software

I started writing some software for myself to use to manage my customer development process. I realized there might be a larger market for this software, so decided to start putting it through its down customer development.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes to complete.
1. How familiar are you with the Lean Startup methodology?
2. What is your current state of involvement with a startup?
3. Do you practice Customer Development (aka Lean Startup) methodologies?
4. If you do not practice Customer Development, why not?
5. If you practice Customer Development, how do you track your hypotheses and measurements? These choices are not mutually exclusive (for instance, you might use spreadsheets with Dropbox).
6. Please rate the importance of the following features.
Must HaveVery Nice To HaveHelpfulNot Useful
Team Collaboration
Graphs and Visualizations
Hypothesis History
Lean Startup Consulting
Community Interaction
Sample Hypotheses
Suggestions and Help
7. What kinds of measurements do you perform?
Manufacturing cost
Sales goal
Technology sprint
Talk to X people
Conversion goal
Simple counting (At least X, No more than X, etc)
Customer acquisition cost
Customer interviews
Competing products
8. How much would you be willing to pay monthly for a service that guided your Lean Startup?
9. What kinds of devices/computers do you use?
10. If you would be interested in learning more about this software (including beta testing), please provide a way for me to contact you.
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