English Undergraduate Alumni Survey

1. In what year did you receive your baccalaureate degree in English from Cal Poly Pomona?
2. Please indicate your major concentration:
3. Upon receiving this degree, did you work toward a graduate degree?
4. If you went to graduate school, do you feel that your Cal Poly Pomona degree prepared you well for graduate work?
5. If you did not work toward a graduate degree, how long did you look for a job after graduating from Cal Poly Pomona?

6. What field are you currently working in?
7. Did your Cal Poly Pomona degree help prepare you for your current employment?
8. Please rate to what extent your English degree gave you a solid understanding of the following areas:
Very wellWellSomewhatNot substantiallyNot at all
The field of literature, major authors, and major literary works.
Academic linguistic features of English including grammar, pronunciation, written conventions and mechanics.
9. Please rate to what extent you feel that your English degree helped you:
Very wellWellSomewhatNot substantiallyNot at all
Be a more insightful reader of both literary and non-literary texts
Be a more fluent and capable writer
Better express and discuss orally your own ideas and the ideas of others
10. Please write any other comments you would like to make about the English program at Cal Poly Pomona.
11. Please write any recommendations for improving our program.
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