2011 Coastal Bend Hurricane Conference

1. Overall Satisfaction of Conference activities
2. Quality & Usefulness of Session A: Reentry vs. Repopulation
3. Quality & Usefulness of Session B: WebEOC - Texas ETN
4. Quality & Usefulness of Session C: FEMA Public Assistance
5. Quality and Usefulness Session D: FNSS and Mass Care
6. Quality & Usefulness of Hurricane Exercise (Simulation of EOC Activation and Injects)
7. Usefulness of Day Two Communication Rodeo
8. Satisfaction of the Facilities
9. Would you attend a similar type of conference if it were made available next year?
10. We welcome any comments you wish to share about this year's Conference. Please include suggestions you would make regarding future conferences (e.g., workshops, keynote presenters, topics, themes, locations, etc.).
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