Student Technology Survey 2012-2013

1. How often do you use a computer at school?
2. How often does your teacher use technology for classroom instruction, such as computer/iPad, projector, document camera, or smart board
DailyWeekly (At least 1 or more times per week)Monthly (5 or more times per month)Not very often (Maybe 1 or 2 times per semester)Never
Computer (how to create something)
Document Camera
Smart Board
3. How important to your learning do you feel having access to technology is (do you learn better from the use of technology)?
4. What do you use a computer for the most? Please rank the options below
Writing papers
Learning material
Watching video
Playing games
5. What technology do you learn from the best in the classroom/lab?
6. What technology would you like to have in your classroom or have more access to?
7. What type of technology do you have at home?
8. What is the device you feel you learn the most/best from?
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