Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards Customer Survey

1. 2012 Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards Customer Survey

Thank you for taking the time to take this brief survey. Your responses are very valuable and will help us to understand your needs as our customer. Your responses will remain anonymous and confidential. If you have any questions, please call 724-337-2198.
1. Are you a current customer of Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards?
2. Please select Yes or No for the following:
Do you have a copy of the Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards Product Catalog?
Does Alcoa provide standards for enough alloys in the catalog?
Are the typical analyses of Alcoa standards at a concentration that is useful?
Have you purchased a “Special Order”, "Custom", or “SAX” standard from Alcoa?
If you ordered a Specialty standard, did you use the Specialty Standard Order Form on our website?
3. Would you like to see new alloys added to the catalog?
4. Does Alcoa provide certified analysis for enough elements on our standards?
5. How satisfied are you with Alcoa Spectrochemical Standards in the following areas?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralDissatisfiedVery Dissatisfied
In Stock Availability
Delivery Performance
Technical Support
Website Navigation
6. Do you purchase Spectrochemical Standards from suppliers other than Alcoa?
7. If you purchase standards from other suppliers, how does Alcoa compare in terms of the following:
Alcoa is better.Alcoa is the same.Alcoa is worse.
Delivery Performance
Technical Support
Number of Elements Certified
Concentration Ranges Certified
8. Please rate the following regarding usage of Alcoa Spectrochemical Standard's website:
Certified Concentrations for Inventory Items
SCS's Product Catalog
Specialty Standard Order Form
Quality Documentation
Standard MSDSs
Request a Quote Form
Product Pages
9. Would you like to recieve additional information regarding our products?
10. Do you have any other comments regarding Alcoa SCS that you would like to share?
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