School Culture Survey for Students of ZPS & HPS

School Culture

The purpose of this survey is to help identify what we value most about our school, and what is important and unique about our school culture. We will use this information to help us decide what to consider when creating the school culture and climate in our new places of learning next year.
1. I am a student in the following division:
2. Please select all that apply.
My school is a special place for me because of:
3. Select all that apply.
I know I am safe at school, when:
4. Select all that apply.
I value my participation in special events and school traditions such as:
5. Select all that apply.
I feel like I belong to my school community when:
6. Select all that apply.
I know I have a great school when:
7. Select all that apply.
I want my school to be known for:
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