Mooting survey

1. Survey


We have compiled this survey in order to find out about mooting at your university.

This survey should take about 10 minutes of your time to complete and we would be very grateful for your feedback.

Thank you for your time.

1. Tell us about you.
2. Who is the main point of contact for mooting at your university for 2013-2014.
3. Does your university have a mooting society?
4. If yes, how active is the mooting society?
5. Are you a member of the mooting society?
6. How important is it that you take part in mooting activities?
7. If mooting is not a compulsory activity at your university, approximately how many students get involved each year?
8. What most motivates students to get involved in external mooting competitions in your opinion? (please rank in order of importance from 1-9)
To build overall mooting confidence
To develop research skills
To work as a team with fellow students
To develop critical thinking skills
To add a useful and career specific experience to CV
To network with students from other universities
The prize on offer
To develop communication skills
There is an expectation on students to be involved
9. How do students learn to moot at your university? (tick any that apply)
10. Please tell us more about any really useful online mooting resources you have come across:
11. In some universities, more experienced second year law students are entered into external competitions whilst first year students build up mooting experience via internal moots. If you know, please describe the selection process used at your university for any students wanting to participate in external mooting competitions?
12. Which of the following mooting or advocacy competitions must your university enter each year? (please rank in order of priority from 1 (most important) to 10 (least important)
N/AUK Environmental Law Student Moot Competition
N/AESU National Mooting Competition
N/AICLR National Mooting competition
N/AThe Irwin Mitchell/University of Leicester Medical Law Mooting Competition
N/APhilip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
N/ALexis Nexis Welsh National Mooting Competition
N/AThe London Universities Mooting Shield (LUMS)
N/AThe OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition
N/ATelders International Law Moot Court Competition
N/AThe UH/Blackstone’s National Criminal Advocacy Competition
13. Please tell us about any other mooting or advocacy competitions that are a must-enter for your university, not listed in Q15.
14. We appreciate that participating in external moot competitions can be resource intensive. Do students at your university have access to a departmental budget for mooting or do students have to self-fund in order to participate in external moots?
15. What other obstacles or difficulties do students at your university encounter when entering and taking part in external competitions?
16. Does your university allow for the use of technology in mooting?
17. Has your university participated in the OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition previously?
18. How regularly do you visit the mooting pages on the Oxford University Press website?
19. If you have visited the the mooting pages on the Oxford University Press website, what have you found most useful? (please rank in order of usefulness from 1 to 5)
Competition schedule and further information for the current year
Essential reading for mooters
Moot problem archive
Reports from past competition finals
What is mooting and how is it done?
20. What additional resources would you like to see on the mooting pages of the Oxford University Press website? (please tick all that apply)
21. If you have been involved in mooting at your university, what top tips would you offer students who are new to the activity?
22. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Please may we quote your responses in the future?
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