Evaluation for Sandy Rebuild Technical Training

Thank you for attending the Sandy Rebuild Technical Training held May 29, 2013 at Monmouth University. Please take 5 minutes to respond to the brief evaluation. Your responses are very important to us and will be used to improve future trainings and to develop additional training opportunities that meet your needs as you work to rebuild NJ.
Contact information will be used for demographic data analyses only. If you decide not to provide contact information, your responses will be anonymous.
1. Please rate the quality of the CONTENT of the training for each individual topic.
Lessons Learned (Betty Boros)
Building for Long Term Resiliency (Steve Doughty)
Asset Management (Fred Sickels)
EPA CREAT Tool (Michael Ruppel)
Available Funding/SRF Guidance (Scott Shymon)
Developing Project Worksheets (FEMA)
2. Please rate the quality of the INSTRUCTION for each individual presenter.
Bette Boros (Lessons Learned)
Steve Doughty (Building for Long Term Resiliency)
Fred Sickels (Asset Management)
Michael Ruppel (EPA CREAT Tool)
Scott Shymon (Available Funding/SRF Guidance)
FEMA (Developing Project Worksheets)
3. Approximately how many FEMA 406 Project Worksheets (PWs) have you submitted?
4. What type of infrastructure is covered in your PWs? Choose all that apply.
5. Did you PWs contain mitigation?
6. Are you considering applying for Sandy SRF Funding?
7. As a result of this training, do you better understand mitigation aspects of infrastructure projects reimbursable by FEMA?
8. As a result of this training, do you expect you will add more aspects of mitigation to your PWs?
9. What was the most helpful or useful part of this training?
10. What should we do to improve the quality of the content of the training?
11. What should we do to improve the quality of the instruction for the training?
12. What additional training would be useful or helpful to you?
13. If you are wiling, please provide the following contact information:
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