CSUB Alumni Survey 2010

Dear Alumni:

Thank you for taking the time (~10 minutes) to fill out the CSUB Department of Geology alumni survey. By filling out this survey, you will help us learn more about the experience of our students in the Geology program, what they have been doing since graduation, and the ways in which they would like to see the department improve.

Your responses to questions 1-25 will be anonymous and all information will be kept confidential. Thank you for your participation.
1. Please indicate your gender.
2. Ethnicity: (Check one)
3. What is your age?
4. Approximately what year did you begin your undergraduate studies at CSUB?
Approximate date:
5. Did you begin your undergraduate program at CSUB as a:
6. Please indicate the degree(s) earned from the CSUB Geology Department and year completed:
B.A. (Bachelor of Art in Geology) Approximate date:
B.S. (Bachelor of Science in Geology) Approximate date:
M.S. (Master of Science in Geology) Approximate date:
7. If you attended graduate school in Geology at CSUB, approximately what year did you begin your graduate studies.
approximate date:
8. If you attended graduate school in Geology at CSUB, or another University, what was your highest degree earned?
9. What did you do in your first year after receiving your Baccalaureate degree?
10. How would you describe your current position?
11. Are you a licensed professional Geologist?
12. What is your current salary?
13. Where do you reside?
Evaluating CSUB- Indicate the degree at which you agree to the following statements. Leave blank any questions you feel are not relevant to your individual experience.
14. How satisfied were you with the following aspects of the Geology department?
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
A: My major prepared me for my career.
B: Courses I took as a Geology major apply to my current position.
C: Undergraduate course work prepared you for your job or graduate school.
D: The Geology Department curriculum was beneficial to my career.
E: The quality of the department’s computer and lab equipment are satisfactory.
F: The departmental teaching facilities are adequate.
G: The program improved my oral communication skills.
H: The program provided appropriate fieldwork opportunities.
I: The program focused on building teamwork skills.
15. What 3 courses were the most beneficial to your professional career/graduate school preparation?
16. If CSUB were to change the requirements for the Masters Degree in Geology from a thesis to a capstone project do you think the project would be more beneficial?
17. Please indicate if you believe there is anything the Geology department can do to shorten the time it takes to obtain the Masters degree in Geology.
18. Please indicate the courses (if any) you believe should be added to the undergraduate or graduate curriculum that would be more beneficial to you in the workplace.
19. If the university were to offer a Post-Bac Certificate in Petroleum Geology, would you be interested in returning to the university to obtain the certification? (Requires 5 classes/no thesis)
20. If the university were to offer a Post-Bac Certificate in GIS, would you be interested in returning to the university to obtain the certification? (Requires 5 classes/no thesis)
21. How well has the Geology Program prepared you for the following:
Extremely wellWellNeutralNot wellNot at allN/A
Geological expertise
Computer skills
Team work skills
Oral presentation skills
Writing skills
22. If you received an MS degree, how important do you think your thesis was for your education and preparation for your professional career?
Absolutely essentialEssentialNeutralInvaluableVery invaluableN/A
Thesis importance
23. How important do you think field trips and other field experiences were for your preparation as a geologist
Absolutely essentialEssentialNeutralInvaluableVery invaluable
Field trips
24. Is there any other feedback that might help the department improve its programs?
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