Homecoming 2012 Review

How would you rate your overall Paine College Homecoming 2012 Experience?
Rate the following Alumni Homecoming Events.
ExcellentAbove AverageAveragePoorVery PoorN/A
Pilgrimage to Gravesite of Founders
President's Club Dinner
Alumni Hospitality at Port Royal
Athletics Golf Tournament
130th Founder's Day Convocation
Reunion Friday/Tailgating & Vendors
PCNAA Alumni Annual Meeting
12th Annual Scholarship Masked Ball
Paine College Hall of Fame Breakfast
Homecoming Parade
Homecoming Basketball Game
Greek Step Show
Paine College Offical Alumni Party
Worship Service
Gospel Explosion
What did you LIKE about Paine College's Homecoming 2012 Alumni Events?
What did you DISLIKE about Paine College's Homecoming 2012 Alumni Events?
What changes would you like to see take place with Alumni Homecoming Events for 2013?
Are there any other additional comments, questions or concerns?
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