The market's influence on everyday life

1. Decision Making

I am working on some research into how participation in the financial markets affects every day life decisions. Family, Friends, Careers, etc. I am interested in gathering information from professional traders (short term & long term), professional money managers (hedge funds, RIAs, etc.), and anyone else who has money somewhere in the financial markets.

If you have anecdotes or want to share more information - please contact me at
1. If you were asked by a close friend (who you know is great at business and would be a compatible associate) to start a company with them today, what would be your reaction?
2. If you had to find a new significant other today, what would be more important?
3. If you were presented with a new large project today (e.g. building a product/company/house, big vacations/trips, long runs/rides), how would you approach it?
4. How has trading/investing influenced your decision making and choices outside of the market
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