Nashville International Airport Parking Survey

1. Nashville International Airport Parking Survey

Thank you for providing your airport with feedback on its parking and related services.
1. When you fly from Nashville International Airport, which of the following parking options do you prefer (select one)?
2. Please RANK the following factors that determine your parking preferences. (1st is most important and only one response for each column)
Assistance staff (e.g. battery jump, tire inflation)
Shuttle service
Traffic flow to parking lot
Convenience (e.g. terminal proximity, pick-up on baggage level)
Safety/Security (e.g. police patrol, lighting, emergency phones, cameras)
3. If Long Term A is filled, at which location do you prefer to park?
4. Overall, how satisfied are you with your customer experience for the parking lots at BNA (in terms of cost, convenience, safety, and shuttle services)?
Customer Experience
5. Overall, how would you rate the customer service levels at BNA parking lots?
Customer Service Level
6. Nashville International Airport has a Frequent Parker Program that saves time and money for repeat customers. Do you take advantage of this program?
7. Please RATE your overall satisfaction with the BNA parking shuttles.
Shuttle Stop Shelters
Waiting Time at Shelters
Luggage Space on Shuttle
Seating/Comfort of Shuttle
8. Which of the following amenities would you be willing to pay extra fees for, if they were offered in the BNA parking lots? (Check all that apply)
9. The airport recently completed a roadway improvement project which revamped the road that circles the terminal and parking facilities, and made changes to the entrances and exits from the parking lots.

Would you say the project:
10. Please list any suggestions you have to improve your parking experience at BNA.
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