DeKalb County Public Library - Planning for the Future - Strategic Plan 2013-2015

Tell Us About Yourself - Gender and Age Group
Branches You Use (Check all that apply.)
1. Do you have a DeKalb County Public Library card?
2. On average, in the last year, how often have you visited a library branch?
3. Is there anything that prevents you from visiting the library more often? (Check all that apply.)
4. Why do you come to the library? (Check all that apply.)
5. On average, in the last year, how often have you visited the library's website?
6. How did you use the website? (Check all that apply.)
Skip this question if you do not use the website.
7. What do you rely on for your primary access to the internet? (Check one.)
8. Do you have...? (Check all that apply.)
9. Did you know that DeKalb County Public Library offers downloadable eBooks?
10. How do you usually get to the library? (Please check one.)
11. Libraries play a number of different roles in the community. Please check the 3 most important roles.
12. On a scale of 1-5, (1 = Not at all Satisfied and 5 = Extremely Satisfied) how satisfied are you with the following:.
1-Not at all Satisfied2345-Extremely SatisfiedN/A
a. The library's collection of books for adults
b. The library's collection of books for children and teens
c. The library's collection downloadable eBooks
d. The library's collection of movies and music
e. Library programs for children and teens
f. Library programs for adults
g. The library's website
h. The library's online catalog
i. The library's hours
j. Number and location of library branches
k. Condition of library facilities
l. Courtesy and professionalism of library staff
13. In the event of continued funding shortfalls, what is your preference for service reductions?
14. What should the Library's priorities be for the next three years?
15. Would you be willing to pay additional taxes to support the costs associated with improving library services?
16. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Is this survey from an in-person focus group session?