Big Decisions POST- Test

1. Big Decision POST Test

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Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
Teens would be better off if they said no to sex.
Getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) is not a big deal.
Right now, I really don't want to get pregnant or get someone pregnant.
I would not have sex now because I do not want any chance of AIDS or other STDs.
I would not have sex now because I do not want any chance of getting pregnant (or getting someone pregnant).
If used correctly every time, condoms can prevent AIDS and other STDs.
Using contraceptives (birth control) correctly can lower the chance of pregnancy.
It is OK to pressure another person into having sex.
I plan to abstain from sex until I am older.
If someone pressured me to have sex, I am sure I could say “no”.
If I decide to have sex, I am sure I will use a method of birth control every time.
The educators in the BIG DECISIONS classes had a positive impact on me.
9. Choose One
Overall the group sessions were:
10. What did you LIKE about the program?
11. What did you DISLIKE about the program?
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