Contracts and Property - Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to better serve the campus, the Contracts & Property Office requests your assessment of the services that you have received.
1. Please provide the following optional information:
On a scale from 5 (satisfied) to 1 (dissatisfied), please indicate your satisfaction with the following:
2. Request for Services Form
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The Request for Services form used to initiate the contract process:
3. Status Updates and Communication
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The status updates and other communication you received from the Contracts & Property Office:
4. Insurance Information
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The quality of the information you received from the Contracts & Property Office about insurance requirements:
5. Quality of Agreement
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The quality of the Professional Services Agreement, or other agreement, drafted or revised by the Contracts & Property Office:
6. Processing Time
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The length of time required to complete the contract process:
7. Availability of Staff
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The availability of the Contracts & Property staff to assist and to answer questions:
8. Quality of Service
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The overall quality of the service that you received:
9. The Contracts & Property Website
5 (satisfied)4321 (dissatisfied)N/A
The Contracts & Property website content:
10. Additional Comments
11. Please indicate whether you would like to speak with someone from the Contracts & Property Office about your responses to this survey.