Columbus Sex Survey

1. Age:
2. ZIP code:
3. Gender:
4. Sexual persuasion:
5. Relationship status:
6. If married or in a committed relationship, is your relationship:
7. Describe your level of sexual activity:
8. Rank your preference for the following sexual activities (1 being your most favorite, 4 being your least favorite)
Manual (touching, rubbing, toys, mutual masturbation)
9. Which is better?
10. Which best describes your level of intoxication during sexual interactions?
11. Are you currently working or have you ever worked in the adult entertainment industry? If so, please specify the nature of your work:
12. Have you ever patronized a sex entertainer/worker? If so, please specify:
13. How often do you view pornography online?
14. How often do you watch pornography with a partner?
15. How many times in the past year have you purchased pornography?
16. Do you purchase pornography:
17. Estimate how much you've spent on sex products (toys, lube, apparel, etc.) in the past year:
18. Do you purchase sex products:
19. What method/brand of protection do you use?
20. How often do you get tested for STDs?
21. Which of the following have been part of your sexual activity within the past year?
22. Were the above activities initiated by:
23. In the past year, how many sexual encounters and/or relationships began through a website/dating service? Which site/service?
24. Do you wish you were having more sex?
25. Do you wish you were having more experimental sex?
26. Do you wish you were having more traditional sex?
27. In general, which do you prefer?
28. In general, you've had the best sex with someone:
29. Answer any questions this survey should've asked here:
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