USGAA: College and Alumni Services


1. What is your major?
2. What year are you graduating?
3. Have you ever attended an alumni-related event at USC?
4. If yes, was the event associated with:
5. Are you currently participating in an alumni mentorship program?
6. If yes, what organization, department or school is your mentorship program through?
7. Do you feel you have enough opportunities to reach USC Alumni through the College or through your department?
8. If yes, what resources have you used at the College or through your department?
9. Please rank the top three schools you believe have strong alumni-student networking.
First BestSecond BestThird Best
10. Please rank the following options of interacting with alumni, in terms of importance.
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantImportantNot Important
Emailing (for career advice)
Phone calls
Speaker Panels
Networking Mixers
Mentorship Program
11. Have you used the USC Career Planning & Placement Center as a source for alumni networking?
12. If yes, what services have you used?
13. Do you feel you have resources in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences to reach alumni?
14. Would you be interested in participating in an alumni-student mentorship program specifically for students in your department/major?
15. Do you have any ideas or suggestions to further alumni-student relations within the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences?
16. As a future Trojan alum, would you be willing to participate in alumni-student activities put on by your department or the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences?
17. The Undergraduate Student Government is committed to improving the student experience at USC. Please provide any feedback, questions, or concerns about any aspect of student life. If you would like a response, please leave your email address.

For questions regarding this survey, please contact Residential Senator Lisa Zhao at or the USG Alumni Affairs Committee at
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