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Greetings! Thanks for your interest in participating in the exclusive Closed Alpha for Chroma™, the newest game release from Harmonix! As a Closed Alpha participant, we'll be excited to hear your feedback on Chroma to help us realize a shared vision for this innovative, music-driven shooter experience. If you're selected, you will recieve an email from us with additional information. But if you don't hear from us immediately, don't panic! We intend to add more folks to the Alpha crew as we progress.

Please note that, in Alpha, you'll experience a very early version of the game; there will likely be a ton of bugs and incomplete functionality. This initial preview will not be representative of our final release -- we'll be using your feedback to iterate and work towards a final product. Because the game is in a pre-optimized state, it will also require additional processing power to run correctly. Finally, please remember that the Closed Alpha will take place in a test environment, so elements that you experience (including game characters, character data, items, leaderboards or other progress indicators that you achieve through gameplay) may be erased or modified at any time, and that such data might not be exported into the game once Chroma is commercially released.

Let's get started!
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