Private Dining Experience

1. Moment of your time ...

1. Was this your first time you held an event at the Idlewyld Inn
2. What was the reason for your visit?
3. What prompted you to choose our Inn?
4. Did you find your meeting/event room:
Properly Supplied
Attention to Detail
5. Did you find your guest room: (if applicable)
Pleasantly Decorated
Properly Supplied
6. How would you rate the Food & Beverage:
Service Team
Menu Selection
Food Quality
Attention to Detail
7. Did you receive friendly & courteous service from our:
Guest Services
Room Attendant
Dining Room Server
8. Was there anything we could have done to make your experience more enjoyable?
9. Was there an employee that went out of their way to make your experience exceed your expectations?
10. Would you return?
11. How would you rate your visit?
Overall Satisfaction
Overall Value
12. To THANK YOU for your time all submitted surveys will be entered into our monthly draw for a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate from Idlewyld Inn.
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