Cadette Level Training Evaluation-GSHNJ

1. Training Evaluation for Cadette Level

Evaluate the Cadette Level Training
YOUR PRIVACY: All personal information is kept confidential. Information you provide will be used only by the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey in conjunction with your role as a volunteer.
1. Training Information:
2. Name and address:
3. E-mail address
4. Council Area:
5. What town does your troop meet in?
6. Service Unit
7. How did you find out about the course?
(Check all that apply)
8. How did you register for this course?
9. Did you find it easy to register?
10. Please evaluate the following:
The class began on time
The class ended on time
The objectives were clearly stated
The objectives/expectations were met
11. Please rate the following:
Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly DisagreeN/A
The material was comprehensive and covered what needed to be taught
The visual aids were helpful(posters, books, etc.)
There was sufficient time for questions and discussion
There was clear direction of how to obtain additional information
The trainer was professional
The trainer managed the group well and stayed on task
The trainer understood and had a good grasp of the material
12. As a result of this course, I would say my level of confidence is:
13. This session was:
14. Additional Comments:
15. What can we do to improve this training?
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