Windsurfing - questionnaire for the competitors  of 2013 Formula Windsurfing World Championship 

1. Instructions for completing the questionnaire

Dear competitors,

Please answer the following questions regarding your engagement in superb windsurfing. The questionnaire is anonymous and the results will be used for research purposes only. So, please be maximally honest in your answers.
1. Gender
2. The highest achieved education level:
3. Marital status
4. What's your age (write number) ?
5. How long period you're actively engaged in windsurfing (on the professional competitive level) ?
6. You've won medals in competitions (mark all levels in which you won medals):
7. In this part of the questionnaire, please do the following statements to show how you view yourself in relation to sport and exercise in general.
Please estimate the level of agreement with each of these statements in accordance with your current (current) view of themselves.
Thank you for your efforts!
Strongly Agree NeutralStrongly Disagree
1. I consider myself an athlete.
2. I have many goals related to sport.
3. Most of my friends are athletes.
4. Sport is the most important part of my life.
5. I spend more time thinking about sport than anything else.
6. I need to participate in sport to feel good about myself.
7. Other people see me mainly as an athlete.
8. I feel bad about myself when I do poorly in sport.
9. Sport is the only important thing in my life.
10. I would be very depressed if I were injured and could not compete in sport.
8. Below are statements with which you agree or disagree. Using a scale from "Almost never" to to "Almost always" show your agreement with each statement. Please be open and honest in their answers, because the results will be used exclusively for research purposes and the questionnaire was anonymous.

How often have you felt this way in the past two months?
almost neverrarelysometimesfrequentlyalmost always
1. I believe I am capable of accomplishing my goals in windsurfing.
2. I feel capable in success in windsurfing.
3. I believe that I have skills/technique to be successful in windsurfing.
4. I am confident in my abilities.
5. I am dedicated to achieving my goals in windsurfing.
6. I am determined to achieve my goals in windsurfing.
7. I am devoted to windsurfing.
8. I want to work hard to achieve my goals in windsurfing.
9. I feel energized when I participate in windsurfing.
10. I feel energetic when I participate in windsurfing.
11. I feel really alive when I participate in windsurfing.
12. I feel mentally alert when I participate in windsurfing.
13. I feel excited about windsurfing.
14. I am enthusiastic about windsurfing.
15. I enjoy windsurfing.
16. I have fun windsurfing.
9. Here please ask on the questions about the interests that you'll satisfy with this sport event.
Strongly DisagreeStrongly Agree
Did anyone of your family, friend or relatives had any influence on you to go on this event (World championship).
By competing a big sport event I get away from daily life stress.
Competing on this big sport event is for me a form of relaxation.
Competing on this big sport event is a form of self-exploration for me.
The atmosphere at this big sport event makes me wants to visit.
I would like to see all the non-formal events around this big sport event.
Competing on this big sport event gives me an opportunity to meet new people.
Competing on this big sport event gives me an opportunity to share my sport interest with other people.
Competing on this big sport event has always been a dream for me.
I would like to experience this big sport event.
The beauty of this sport makes me want to compete on this big sport event.
I would like to learn something about the destination (Viganj and its environment) where the sport event is held.
Event (World championship) is the only reason I travelled towards this destination (Viganj and its environment).
I would like to visit other places besides the sport venues (Viganj and its environment) .
I would like to experience the culture of the place/country where the sport event is held.
If I'll have positive experiences of the destination (Viganj and its environment), I'll come again here as a tourist.
High financial costs keep me away from this big sport event.
An unknown country where the sport event is held keeps me away.
The risk of bad weather keeps me away from a big sport event.
Probable safety or health problems keep me away from the sport event.
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