Govanstowne Business Association Survey

1. Basic Information
2. What is the best way and time to reach you?
Before 10am10am - 5pmAfter 5pmOther
3. How long have you owned your business in this community?
4. Do you own or lease/rent your building?
5. Why did you open your business in Govanstowne?
6. Do you access email and/or the internet in your business?
7. Have you ever visited the Govanstowne Business Association Website?
8. What activities or opportunities do you feel the GBA should be involved in to help your business be more successful? Check all that apply.
9. Please check the top 5 most important pieces of functionality that you feel would be most beneficial on the Govanstowne Business Association website.
10. What do you want people to know about the Govanstowne Business District? (For example: diversity among businesses, community-based neighborhood, etc.)
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