Information Literacy Best Practices Committee
Call for Exemplary Information Literacy Programs

1. Introduction

The Information Literacy Best Practices Committee is looking for information literacy programs that are exemplary in any of the categories outlined in, “Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline.” Programs that are found by the Committee to be exemplary will be listed on the IS-ILBP website as exemplars for other programs seeking to follow best practices. Programs need not be U.S.-based.

For any of the following categories for which you would like your program to be considered, please describe how your program exemplifies this category. If you have web-based documentation of your program that would help the committee, please include links in your descriptions. This software does not save hyperlinks that are formatted in any way, so please write out links in full and make sure they have not been formatted as hyperlinks by your word processor.

Please treat each category entry as a distinct application, i.e. judges for one category may not read your other category entries.

The ILBP Committee has developed rubrics for each category. These will be used to identify exemplary information literacy programs. You may wish to review the rubrics before entering information into the form. Categories sometimes overlap, so we recommend applying for those categories that best frame your strengths as a program.

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