Would you buy a RememBring?


RememBring is a device that helps you remember not to forget your essentials. By simply attaching tags to your belongings, RememBring can tell if you are missing your wallet, cell phone, bookbag, purse, etc. when you start your car. You may then page lost items with a button on RememBring, or via smartphone app.
1. Would you buy a RememBring for yourself?
2. Would you buy a RememBring for a forgetful friend as a gift?
3. How much would you pay for a RememBring?
4. If you could purchase more tags for more belongings, say a briefcase, diaper bag, etc. would you?
5. How much would you pay for an additional sensor?
6. Do you have a car?
7. Are there any other features you think RememBring should have?
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