College Knowledge Month 2013 - Site Coordinator Survey

1. Name of Site Coordinator
2. Name of High School
3. School District
4. How many seniors at your site identify as...
5. What is your day to to day role at the site?
6. Did you participate in the training offered for College Application Week?
7. Did you utilize volunteers at your site?
8. If you used volunteers, please briefly describe their involvement.
9. My site was successful at helping under-represented seniors (low-income, first generation and Students of Color) to complete at least one college application.
10. What factors can you identify that contributed to how well you succeeded or did not succeed at helping under-represented seniors complete at least on application?
11. What would you do differently at your site if you were to participate in future College Application Weeks?

12. Please rate the helpfulness of MN College Application Week in helping your site establish a college going culture.
13. What other activities or initiatives related to college and career readiness are in place at your site?
14. What changes or recommendations do you have for the College Application Week Steering Committee?
15. Are you interested in additional information and/or trainings related to college and career readiness?
16. Would you be willing to mentor a new site next year (2013) or serve on a panel at future College Application Week trainings?
17. Which focus would be most useful for your site and students in the future?

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