California Newsletter Reader Survey 2011

1. Share your thoughts on the California Newsletter

Thanks for taking a few minutes to answer these questions about the California Newsletter. Your responses help us share the stories and information you want to hear about most.
1. Why do you support The Nature Conservancy?
extremely importantvery importantimportantsomewhat importantnot important
Our mission to protect the diversity of life on Earth
We work close to where you live
We work around the world wherever the need is greatest
Our science-based, hands-on approach
Our collaborative partnerships
Our reputation of success
2. Have you ever taken action as a result of reading our newsletter? Choose all that apply.
3. What impact does the newsletter have on you?
extremely impactfulvery impactfulimpactfulsomewhat impactfulnot impactfulN/A
It has no impact
It informs me about the Conservancy in California
It makes me more loyal to the Conservancy
It shows me the impact of my financial support
It tells me how I can help