LAC Computer Labs Survey 13/14

Please complete this short survey to indicate your satisfaction with the LAC Computer Lab. This is an anonymous survey. No personal data are collected on you. Please respond honestly and thoughtfully. Thank you.
1. How satisfied are you with Lab Staff abilities to:
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNot Satisfied
Help you navigate your coursework
Explain technical points that enhance your technology skills
Provide a supportive atmosphere for your academic achievement
2. How satisfied are you with Lab Facilities?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedNot Satisfied
Number of computers
Computers speed and reliability
Hours of operation
Physical environment (cleanliness/temperature/lighting)
3. How often do you use the Lab to:
Research websites
Complete homework
Write papers
Use academic software
Print assignments
Email for class work
4. What do you need to be successful in your classes that the Lab doesn't have or do? Any additional comments?
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