WILPF Wisdom Survey

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WILPF Practicing Peace Committee
1. Does your branch, or do you, follow a format for conflict resolution (i.e. mediation, nonviolent communication, etc.)?

If so, please describe. *
2. Does your branch, or do you, follow a format for collaboration? (i.e. consensus decision making, a talking stick, tools of non-violent communication, what else, women???)

If so, please describe.*
3. How do you instill peaceful communication into your group meetings?
4. What resources would you recommend to the Practicing Peace Committee?
5. Do you have training/experience in these areas, that you’d be willing to share?

If so, please describe. *

Also, please provide your contact information. Thanks!
6. Would it be helpful to have a Practicing Peace toolkit for methods of collaboration and conflict resolution?
7. If you have documents outlining your branch's process, please copy and paste them here, or email them to: lufiefan@gmail.com

8. Thanks again for your time! Please use this space for any questions or comments:
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