SETAC Focused Topic Meeting/Workshop ideas

The Chemistry Advisory Group recently proposed ideas for SETAC Focused Topic Meetings (FTM) and/or scientific workshops. The Board of Directors liked our ideas, so now we need your help! Please answer the 3 short questions below and provide your contact information.

It is a lot of work to develop an FTM or workshop, so we need to prioritize these topics to determine which may be best for the CAG's first FTM or workshop. In prioritizing the topics, consider factors such as:

- how many people may be interested in attending. An FTM typically has 200 to 400 people attend; a technical workshop would be smaller (30-50).

- will there be interest from academia, government and business to attend

- are there potential sponsors to contribute to the funding of the workshop/FTM
1. Please rank the four choices below (Top choice = 1, bottom choice = 4)
Chiral products/pesticides
High throughput methods tox (for crisis scenarios, screening, new technology)
Pyrethroids in sediment/water
Sustainability- many possibilities here, including sustainability metrics
2. Would you volunteer to help organize any of these topics into a FTM or Workshop? Check all that apply.
3. Do you have additional FTM/Workshop topic ideas? Please give a brief description.
4. Please provide your contact information.
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