Minneapolis Tree Grant Participants- Fall 2014

1. Is the business you have in mind for free trees located in Minneapolis?
2. Does this business pay a pollution control annual bill or "PCAB"?
3. Does this business have private space for a tree(s)?  In other words, we cannot plant on a boulevard.
4. Are you able to water trees at this business?
5. How many trees are you interested in having planted at your business (space permitting, of course)?
6. Please select the types of trees you are interested in order of prefernce (1 being the most desirable), if you have a preference.  Leave this question blank if you are not sure what kind of tree you would like.
Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Oak 'Regal Prince'
Frontyard Linden
Prairie Stature Oak
7. Please give us the contact information for the best person to talk to about this grant.
8. Please provide the Minneapolis address if it is different from the above address.  Please fill out a survey for each business address where you would like trees.
9. How did you hear about the tree grant?
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