Community Survey 2013

Dear friends,

In order to serve the community in a professional and effective manner, the Beloit Police Department wants to know your attitude and opinions. We seek input concerning these areas: our overall performance, competence of employees, perception of police attitude and behavior, your concern over safety and security, and we wish to read your recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

While you are always welcome to do a police department survey linked to the city website, this particular seven question survey helps us fulfill one of the 376 standards we comply with as a CALEA accredited police department.

Your responses, good or critical, are appreciated and anonymous.

Norm Jacobs
Chief of Police
1. Please mark the one category that best describes you:
2. Considering your experience with Beloit Police Officers, Community Service Officers or Records Division Staff please respond to the following statements:
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
Overall agency performance is professional
Overall competence is very good
Attitudes and behavior toward citizens is very good
3. Please respond to the following statements concerning your level of safety and security while living/working or taking part in Beloit's attractions:
NeverAt timesAll of the time
I am concerned for my safety anywhere in Beloit
I am concerned for my safety in certain areas of Beloit
4. What best describes your connection to the City of Beloit?
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