Bike Month Pledge

1. I will bike to work/class...
2. I will join the ride from Taste Budd's to campus or Murray's to campus on Bike to Bard Day (Fri., May 17). Depart Budd's 8:30am for a leisurely ride through a neighborhood (arrival on campus by 8:55am). Depart Murray's 8am for a less leisurely road bike ride (6 miles, some hills), avoiding 9G, or through the Tivoli Bay woods (3 miles) on your mountain bike (one hill).
3. Help us gather info for an upcoming grant: do you run, bike, jog, skate or walk on either of the following roads; either to commute or for recreation? Please leave your contact info below so we can get additional details if necessary.
4. For faculty/staff: please let us know if others in your family use these roads as described above - including yourself, how many people do so?
5. Leave your e-mail for a chance to win a bike safety light!
Leave your name/phone so we can contact you about the rain plan and route for Murray's and Taste Budd's rides if you are joining us.
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